Plymouth, UK (4th Aug 2014) - Moortec Semiconductor, provider
of high accuracy on-chip temperature sensors for advanced-node CMOS
technologies, announces its Voltage Transient Monitor (VTM) IP which is a
part of its Moortec Embedded Die Sensor (MEDS) family. The VTM is a
self-contained IP block specially designed to monitor dynamic supply
voltage conditions at a continuous sample rate of 1MHz. Depending on the
variant chosen by the customer the VTM will monitor either a core or an
I/O supply domain. The VTM is part of Moortec’s voltage monitoring IP
family and sits between the existing Voltage Monitor, which monitors the
steady-state conditions of up to 9 core supply domains and the Glitch
Detector planned for later this year which will detect fast transient
and supply spike events.

As millions of transistors on advanced
node CMOS technologies are integrated into a single chip, the transient
analysis of power/ground (P/G) networks becomes a challenging task due
to their ever increasing size. The susceptibility of core circuits,
utilizing large scale P/G networks, to supply variation is an area of
interest to chip developers. By being able to capture dynamic voltage
fluctuations in situ and perform transient analysis of the P/G network,
not only can alerts be generated under poor supply conditions but also
guidance toward the next iteration or generation of chip design can be
offered. The embedded monitoring of supplies is also complimentary to
SPICE simulation methods, allowing theoretical and actual on-chip
conditions to be compared.

“Whether for power or speed, advanced
node design is all about performance optimisation and this can only be
achieved if you truly know the actual conditions on-chip,” said Oliver
King, CTO of Moortec Semiconductor. “Accompanying the supply simulation
methodologies that already exist, I believe the ability to monitor
highly dynamic supply conditions will have a major role in the sensing
and management of our devices manufactured on 40nm, 28nm and below,”
King continued to add.

With a measurement accuracy of +/-3% over
the supply range, the VTM is specified for operation over the
temperature range of -40C to 125C. The monitor IP has
outside-of-supply-range alerts, requires no calibration or off-chip
components and uses only standard CMOS process layers. The analog IP has
digital interfacing that allows for easy customer integration and a
high level of testability in production. With accurate and responsive
supply monitoring applied to each device, and when considering the
greater process variability in the manufacture of advanced node devices,
developers are able to deploy performance optimisation schemes, such as
Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS), with a greater

“By providing a complete PVT monitoring solution,
Moortec believe that each and every advanced node device manufactured in
the future can be performance optimised and be statistically analysed
for device variability on a scale not seen before. Moortec believe that
PVT harvested data from in-chip monitors will significantly assist the
development of strategies to help mitigate the wider process variability
seen on advanced node technologies,” King added.

     Moortec Embedded Voltage Transient Monitor 40nm 28nm

See for more information on Moortec’s Embedded PVT Monitoring solutions.

Embedded PVT Monitoring 40LP 40G 28HPM 20nm

About Moortec Semiconductor

Semiconductor, established in 2005, provide high quality analog and
mixed-signal IP blocks as well as Custom Chip solutions world-wide for a
variety of applications. Having a track record of delivery to tier-1
semiconductor and product companies, Moortec provide a quick and
efficient path to market for customer products and innovations. For
information please visit

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