Plymouth, UK (21st Nov 2014) – Moortec Semiconductor,
provider of on chip monitoring IP for advanced nodes, announce that it has signed a representative agreement with Titus, of Seoul, Korea. Titus provide design-driven sales for
companies in the semiconductor sector, with a particular focus on PC-peripheral, consumer and cellular phone markets. Titus has agreed to
promote Moortec’s temperature, voltage and process monitoring IP products and design capabilities to the Korean
semiconductor community.

“Moortec has developed compelling analog
IP for advanced nodes such as 28-nanometer (nm) and finFET CMOS technologies. This includes the Moortec Embedded Temperature Sensor (METS) IP range which is an
innovative, high-precision analog design targeting fine-grain DVFS, thermal monitoring
and management applications. We are
very excited to be working with Moortec to create and implement a
business plan that will establish Moortec’s presence in Korea as an IP
provider, and will generate design wins and revenue growth for the
company in the region”, said Titus’ Marketing Director, Tony Yoon.

“We are
extremely pleased that Titus has agreed to represent us in Korea. Titus is a new and exciting sales company, providing emerging
technology companies the opportunity to breakthrough into the Korean
region. We look forward to enhancing our position within the Korean market with our
die-sensing analog IP offerings in cooperation with Titus,” said
Steve Crosher, Managing Director of Moortec Semiconductor.

See for more information on the METS IP range.

Titus Sales In Korea

Moortec Semiconductor

About Moortec Semiconductor

Semiconductor deliver IP solutions targeting a wide range of application
areas including consumer wireless, telecommunications, high-speed
computing, networking and automotive. Specialising in embedded Process,
Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensors for advanced nodes, Moortec’s IP
enables System on Chip (SoC) designs to be performance optimised on a
per die basis. Moortec’s design expertise also includes low phase noise
PLLs, DACs, ADCs and power management blocks, providing complex
solutions to effectively enable your innovations. For
information please visit

 PDF Version of Press Release.

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