Semiconductor, specialists in Process, Voltage and
Temperature (PVT) sensors, announce the availability of their Embedded Temperature
Sensor on TSMC’s 16nm FF+ and FFC processes.

This latest addition to the temperature sensor range extends
Moortec’s position as the leading provider of embedded thermal sensors and
on-chip monitoring IP to semiconductor customers worldwide. The new TSMC 16FFC/FF+
Embedded Temperature Sensor is a high precision low power junction temperature
sensor that has been developed to be embedded into ASIC designs.

Moortec Embedded Temperature Sensor on TSMC 16FF+ & FFC

Moortec believe that in-chip monitoring has become a vital
factor in the design and performance optimisation of small-geometry designs. Since
2010 Moortec have specialised in the development and delivery of highly
featured embedded Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensors for or use
in-chip within advanced node CMOS technologies such as 28nm and 16nm.

Using such monitors embedded within SoC (System on Chip)
designs allows for greater dynamic performance optimization and device
reliability as sensing die temperature, detecting logic speed and monitoring
voltage supply levels can be used intelligently to vary system clock
frequencies and the voltage levels of supply domains.

 “There is now a critical need for reliable and accurate in-chip
thermal monitoring for semiconductor geometries of 16nm and below”, said
Managing Director Stephen Crosher.

 “Embedded PVT monitoring is an emerging
market and we are pleased to be supporting TSMC’s customers with our innovative
thermal sensing circuit technology.”

With the launch earlier this year of the Moortec embedded
Voltage Monitor and Process Monitor, the addition of this new temperature
sensor now completes Moortec’s PVT sensing solution on TSMC 16FFC & FF+. Moortec
have also extended their IP offering within the embedded monitoring space by
providing PVT control subsystems, extra digital interfacing options (eg. AMBA
APB) and enhanced support for Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS)

About Moortec 

in 2005, Moortec provide in-chip monitors and sensors, such as embedded Process
Monitors (P), Voltage Monitors (V) and Temperature Sensors (T). Moortec’s PVT
monitoring IP products enhance the performance and reliability of today’s
Integrated Circuit (silicon chip) designs. Having a track record of delivery to
tier-1 semiconductor and product companies, Moortec provide a quick and
efficient path to market for customer products and innovations.

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