Download the latest Moortec In-Chip Monitoring Subsystem Solutions Brochure and find out how our Process, Voltage and Temperature monitoring IP can provide solutions to the challenges faced by today’s IC designers.

Download the latest Moortec In-Chip Monitoring Subsystem Solutions Brochure

Moortec provide a complete PVT Subsystem on 28nm, 16nm & 7nm which also includes a sophisticated PVT-Controller with AMBA APB interfacing. Along with our offering we can provide expertise on macro placement, production results as well as support and guidance on how to implement DVFS/AVS optimisation and reliability schemes. This is a big growth area for advanced technology design and Moortec are able to help our customers understand more about architecting and implementing such schemes. Being the only PVT dedicated IP vendor, Moortec is now considered a centre-point for such expertise.

About Moortec
Established in 2005 Moortec provides compelling embedded subsystem IP solutions for Process, Voltage & Temperature (PVT) monitoring, targeting advanced node CMOS technologies from 40nm down to 7nm. Moortec’s in-chip sensing solutions support the semiconductor design community’s demands for increased device reliability and enhanced performance optimization, enabling schemes such as DVFS, AVS and power management control systems. Moortec provides excellent support for IP application, integration and device test during production.

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