Moortec featured in a Sunday Times article yesterday which focuses on how the company are thriving as a global IP Vendor in the up and coming ocean city of Plymouth. The article by Peter Evans who is the Enterprise Editor also explains how the company is successfully luring engineering talent away from areas such as Cambridge:

“Imagine a company working at the
cutting edge of semiconductor
technology, whose designs are
already used in millions of smartphones
and smart TVs. Those in the
know liken it to the early days of
ARM Holdings, the chip designer
sold to Japan’s SoftBank for
£24.3bn two years ago”. 

“Where would you expect such a
company to be based? Cambridge would
be a good guess. That is where ARM
started, and the city is packed with computer
science students desperate to work
for the next big thing in tech. If not there,
perhaps Oxford, or one of the digital clusters
connected to London universities”.

“Plymouth would probably come
towards the bottom of the list of locations.
Yet Moortec, which licenses its
intellectual property to businesses
around the world for use in tablets, datacentres
and prototype driverless vehicles,
is doing just fine in the Devon city”.

Read a PDF version of the full printed article by clicking on the link below:

 PDF version of the printed article

The article is also available online

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