Register now for Moortec’s forthcoming webinar entitled ‘Addressing the Challenges of Hyper-scaling within Data Centers with Advanced Node Embedded Sensing Fabrics’. 

The development of High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions on a large scale for data centre platforms, targeting advanced node technologies poses many challenges associated with multi-processor and multi-accelerator architectures working on real-time high-computational workloads.

This webinar outlines these challenges by exploring the interplay between thermal management, power distribution, processing performance and reliable service provision at the micro level and how it can impact the decisions made when building extensive computing infrastructures.

The presentation covers the benefits that can be realised at the macro level by applying certain key approaches through the deployment of real-time embedded sensing fabrics, benefits of which include enhanced reliability of operation as well as dynamic power and speed optimisation. Descriptions will be provided of how such schemes allow for the hyper-scaling of data centres, the underpinning of mission-mode data telemetry and the creation of exciting new possibilities for big data analytics for technology product improvement.

Date & Time
The webinar is in partnership with and is taking place on Tuesday 13th October at 10am PDT / 6pm BST

Key Takeaways
• Gain an understanding of current challenges posed by large-scale HPC architectures implemented on the advanced nodes
• Understand ways to mitigate against the risks posed by such challenges
• Gain an insight to the future approaches of dynamic and static in-chip condition monitoring and its meaning to mission-mode lifetime assessment

Richard McPartland, Technical Marketing Manager & Ramsay Allen, Marketing Manager

About Moortec
Moortec is the go-to leader for innovative in-chip monitoring technologies and sensing fabrics. The company is dedicated to maximizing performance, optimizing power utilization, and enabling highly accurate in-chip analytics across many sectors, including AIData Center5G & Consumer and Automotive applications.