Plymouth, UK (16th January 2012) – Moortec Semiconductor Limited, provider of mixed-signal IP and chip solutions, has demonstrated its high-performance analog IP on TSMC’s 40LP and 28HP processes. Shown in silicon, the Moortec Embedded Temperature Sensor (METS) IP range is a complex, high-precision analog design targeting thermal monitoring and management applications in advanced-geometry digital ICs. The temperature sensor has been designed using standard CMOS logic processes for 40-nanometer (nm) and 28-nm geometries and can be easily instantiated multiple times across a System-on-Chip (SoC) for die temperature profiling. Although an analog IP, its digital interfacing means it is easy to integrate within any digital implementation flow.

“With shrinking silicon geometries, there is a growing need for on-chip temperature monitoring for performance optimisation and device characterisation,” said Stephen Crosher, Managing Director of Moortec Semiconductor. “At these process nodes designers have to deal with issues of process variability and thermal effects. The METS IP range, now demonstrated in silicon, allows designers to monitor die temperature for Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) purposes or for device characterisation during the burn-in test phase.”

Moortec, who have already delivered the IP to several major customers, plan to increase its availability by porting the temperature sensor to other process nodes including TSMC 28HPM and Global Foundries GF28SLP. The company then intends to take advantage of its position in the die monitoring space by developing IP modules capable of ascertaining die process type, monitoring temperature and varying supply voltage, which will target further DVFS applications.

See for more information on the METS IP range.

About Moortec Semiconductor

Moortec Semiconductor, established in 2005, provide high quality analog and mixed-signal IP blocks as well as Custom Chip solutions world-wide for a variety of applications. The UK based design group also provide Platforms for IC test and evaluation. Having a track record of delivery to tier-1 semiconductor and product companies, Moortec provide a quick and efficient path to market for customer products and innovations. For information please visit

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