Plymouth, UK (7th March 2012) - Moortec Semiconductor Limited, provider of mixed-signal IP and chip solutions, announces it’s intention to transform the robustness of mobile communications with its novel signal processing receiver architecture. The technology, which will enhance data throughput of mobile devices, targets the creators of 3G and 4G receive-chain solutions for mobile devices and supports WCDMA, LTE (FDD and TDD) and TDSCMDA standards.

“The proliferation of data-hungry devices such as smartphones, netbooks and tablet devices is driving the exponential growth in mobile broadband data consumption,” said Stephen Crosher, Managing Director of Moortec Semiconductor. “To address subsequent bandwidth bottlenecks that operators and consumers are facing Moortec is positioned to offer receiver-chain developers a processing solution that dramatically increases error-free data packet reception, by up to 50%, for 3G and 4G communications.”

Increased Performance GraphIncreased SNR REMC

The technology, called Receiver Efficient Mobile Communication (or ‘REMC’), shows performance gain across the full range of signal quality and is applicable to 3G and 4G technologies. Even in conditions of poor signal to noise ratio, the performance gain for the network throughput is significant. Furthermore, no extra transmit bandwidth overhead is required to achieve the gain in performance.

Moortec can demonstrate that at a low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) the REMC technology can provide error-free reception of 60% of data packets on first-transmission, compared to 40% with a conventional receiver. This equates to up a 50% improvement in throughput provided by REMC, compared to a conventional receiver chain. “By using the technology an improvement in performance is observed across the full range of signal-to-noise ratios,” said Crosher.

See the following flyer for more information on the REMC technology:

Receiver Efficient Mobile Communications flyer (pdf)……

Those wishing to understand more about benefits offered by the REMC technology are encouraged to contact Stephen Crosher at Moortec Semiconductor.

About Moortec Semiconductor

Moortec Semiconductor, established in 2005, provide high quality analog and mixed-signal IP blocks as well as Custom Chip solutions world-wide for a variety of applications. The UK based design group also provide Platforms for IC test and evaluation. Having a track record of delivery to tier-1 semiconductor and product companies, Moortec provide a quick and efficient path to market for customer products and innovations. For information please visit

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