Moortec CTO Oliver King will be talking at the forthcoming CDNLive EMEA event which is taking place in Munich between the 2nd and the 4th of May 2016.

Moortec CTO Oliver King
Each year, CDNLive EMEA brings together a record number of Cadence ® technology users, developers, and industry experts to network, share best practices on critical design and verification issues, and discover new techniques for designing advanced silicon, SoCs, and systems.

The arrival of FinFET processes represents the biggest shift in the semiconductor industry since CMOS, and whilst the technology itself is designed to provide the performance required of large digital SoCs those chips would not work without some analog circuits. Furthermore, the industry has been moving for some time now towards relying on third party IP providers for these specialist analog circuits.

Oliver’s paper looks at the challenges of designing high accuracy analog circuits on the latest FinFET technologies from the perspective of the design engineer, as well as covering how the ICADV12 tool flow assists in an ever increasingly complex process. In addition, how those designs are packaged and integrated into the digital SoC flow will be covered.

Oliver King is the Chief Technology Officer of Moortec Semiconductor where he has been leading the development of compelling in-chip monitoring solutions to address problems associated with ever-shrinking System-on-Chip (SoC) process geometries. Before joining Moortec in 2012, Oliver was part of the analogue design methodology team at Dialog Semiconductor and prior to that was a senior design engineer at Toumaz Technology. Oliver graduated from The University of Surrey in 2003 with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

CDNLive Munich

CDNLive is taking place at the Dolce Hotel Unterschleissheim Munich, Germany. 
If you would like to attend the event and listen to Oliver’s presentation visit:

For more information on Moortec and their embedded die monitoring IP on 28nm and FinFET visit:

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