Moortec Semiconductor, specialists in
Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensors, announce the availability
of their Embedded Voltage Monitor on TSMC’s 16nm FF+ and FFC processes. 

Voltage Monitor provides the means for advanced node Integrated Circuit (IC)
developers to accurately measure core supply domain voltages on 16nm digital
MOS devices. The Voltage Monitor is specifically targeted to enable high
performance Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) schemes as well as provide a means
for accurate IR drop analysis. The monitor is capable of monitoring multiple supply domains and can be used to generate low voltage alarms as well as
providing real-time supply data.

believes that in-chip monitoring has become a vital factor in the design and
performance optimisation of small-geometry designs. Since 2010 Moortec have
specialised in the development and delivery of highly featured embedded PVT sensors for use on-chip in advanced node
CMOS technologies such as 28nm and 16nm.

such monitors embedded within SoC (System on Chip) designs allows for greater
dynamic performance optimisation as sensing die temperature, detecting logic
speed and monitoring voltage supply levels, can be used intelligently to vary
system clock frequencies and the voltage levels of supply domains.

voltage supply levels are reduced with the emergence of FinFET processes, conditions
for core logic to perform and meet timing in often noisy, complex digital
architectures is challenging,” said Stephen Crosher, Managing Director of
Moortec.  “To sustain the development of
compelling products, designers are increasingly required to be aware of methods
to achieve high performance. By monitoring supply accurately, optimisation
schemes can be specifically applied to each and every device.”


in 2005, Moortec provides in-chip monitors and sensors, such as embedded
Process Monitors (P), Voltage Monitors (V) and Temperature Sensors (T).
Moortec’s PVT monitoring IP products enhance the performance and reliability of
today’s Integrated Circuit (silicon chip) designs. Having a track record of
delivery to tier-1 semiconductor and product companies, Moortec provide a quick
and efficient path to market for customer products and innovations.

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Ramsay Allen, +44 1752 875133,

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