An interesting article from Chip Estimate’s Tech Talk section by Colin Osborne & Peter Hawkins from ARM entitled “The best insurance for your design is system performance analysis”

“The stakes are much higher in system-on-chip (SoC) design than ever before. And tomorrow they’ll be even higher.”

“In a globally competitive electronics environment, functionality is no longer enough in ever-more complex SoCs. It is essential to achieve performance and power requirements, and it’s crucial to hit schedule and budget requirements at the same time. An under-designed SoC may run too slowly to keep up with the demands of the system.  An over-designed SoC will consume too much power and require more expensive IP blocks. Blow up the power budget (or the cost budget), and your device might not be competitive; slip the schedule by a month and you might miss the market window.”

Read the full article here

About the Authors

Colin Osborne – ARM

Colin Osborne is a senior engineering manager in ARM’s Systems and Software Group.

Peter Hawkins – ARM

Peter Hawkins is a principal engineer in ARM’s Systems and Software Group.


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