By Ramsay Allen, Moortec Marketing Manager

Albert Einstein famously once said “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” This has been demonstrated globally across multiple industries over the last few months as the world adapts to Covid-19.  Last week’s virtual TSMC Technology Symposiums & OIP Ecosystem Forum demonstrated that the Semiconductor IP Vendor community had also adapted in an intelligent fashion and embraced the new virtual event platform that has become the industry norm.

As long-standing members of TSMC’s IP Alliance, Moortec were excited to be involved in this new virtual experience which offered great customer exposure and key notes and technology updates on demand!

So, what were some of the important takeaways and how are they relevant to Moortec, our customers and other event delegates?

Diverse Platforms and Future Trends

A trend that ran deeply through the entire event was of course the emergence of 5G technology development and how it will be instrumental in speeding up mobile communications.

Moortec are already enabling power efficient silicon for designers who are developing the next generation 5G smartphone handsets and the infrastructure projects that support them. Embedded in-chip monitoring in such devices can real time thermal view of a potential dangerous increase in temperature which might lead to consuming unnecessary power, thus reducing battery life and data throughput.

AI was the subject of a lot of the ecosystem promotions, something for which TSMC’s advanced node technology has been a key enabler and also a platform on which Moortec has supported many recent N7 and N5 designs.  The ability to maximise processing performance (utilization) with optimal power efficiency is key for these types of devices which are typically very large. Without the implementation of comprehensive monitoring solution, AI chips are at risk of running hotter at higher power with lower data throughput and poor core utilization.

Networking and Data Center were also a hot topics of conversation and many of Moortec’s existing customers are operating in this space. Real-time embedded monitoring for power optimization is key for these devices which typically contain multicore architectures. Moortec’s CEO, Stephen Crosher presented a paper at the event entitled ‘Challenges of N5 HPC & Hyperscaling within Data Centers’. The development of High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions on a large scale for datacentre platforms targeting N5 poses many challenges associated with multi-processor and multi-accelerator architectures working on real-time high-computational workloads. As a registered delegate you can log back and watch and listen at your leisure.

Supporting the Latest Nodes

We couldn’t talk about the TSMC Technology Symposiums & OIP Ecosystem Forum without talking about nodes! The events saw some exciting new announcements related to new nodes such as N3, N4 and N12e but it was a great opportunity for TSMC and IP Alliance members to reflect on the success of some of the established nodes like N7, N6 and N5 all of which Moortec support with their embedded sensing fabrics, offering deep insights within silicon chip technologies which in turn enables performance optimization and enhanced reliability.

In-Chip Monitoring, Telemetry and Analytics Enablement

Moortec exists to accelerate our customer’s ability to conceptualise and innovate compelling technological solutions within a range of competitive marketplaces. Over the last decade we have delivered in-chip monitoring technologies into a wide range of devices that underpin many of the electronic products we use in our everyday lives. These unique sensing fabrics, which can be configured for platforms including AI, Data Center, 5G, Consumer and Automotive are embedded within semiconductor devices, enabling powerful chip telemetry and analytics enablement throughout a product’s lifecycle.

The Future

Moortec continues to innovate, supporting and delivering to a world-wide customer base and we look forward to welcoming our customers and delegates to next year’s TSMC events regardless of what format they take. We would also like to thank all those visited our virtual booth and micro-site during last week’s events.

About Moortec

Moortec is the go-to leader for innovative in-chip monitoring technologies and sensing fabrics. The company is dedicated to maximizing performance, optimizing power utilization, and enabling highly accurate in-chip analytics across many sectors, including AI, Data Center, 5G & Consumer and Automotive applications.

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