Ed Sperling from Semi Engineering sat down to discuss the impact of multi-physics and new market applications on chip design with John Lee, general manager and vice president of ANSYS’ Semiconductor Business Unit; Simon Burke, distinguished engineer at Xilinx; Duane Boning, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT; and Thomas Harms, director EDA/IP Alliance at Infineon. 

John Lee makes some interesting observations. The thermal activity on an advanced node chip cannot be separated from the power and timing performance. Hence, this requires the design community to further understand how the need is evolving for predicting dynamic thermal and supply conditions on-chip through simulation, whilst also provisioning for good, accurate, well-distributed embedded sensing technologies placed within the design itself.

“With these advancements we no longer can afford margin. You can’t look at thermal as something separate from power, or as something separate from timing or power integrity. These are all coupled together. Margins are evil, and our job is to provide the tools to remove margin and design at advanced process nodes and across multiple systems and multiple dies. We can’t look at these as separate. We have to do something better than before. …… What we’re seeing is that the margin-based methodologies being used have an impact on cost. And what we’re seeing at advanced technologies is those margin-based methodologies are conservative. Voltage and timing is one where there is a lot of awareness. If you look at PVT and process variability, voltage variability and temperature, these resources can be modeled much better. Voltage timing failures are real, and there is an opportunity there.”

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