How well do you know your in-chip conditions?

Understanding how the chip has been made (process) as well as understanding its dynamic conditions (voltage supply and junction temperature) has become a critical requirement for advanced node semiconductor design.

Moortec’s embedded Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensor IP enables designs to be monitored on a per die basis. This allows for increased performance and reliability for advanced node SoCs targeting 28nm and FinFET technologies.


On a per die basis, what is your process type? How is your silicon ageing? How can you dynamically optimize performance?

Moortec’s Process Monitors allow an integrated circuit to self-determine its manufactured process characteristics, providing information for system optimisation on a per die basis.


Give your circuits and core logic the supply conditions they need, dynamically regulate your supply in-field.

Moortec’s Voltage Supply Monitors enable chip developers to measure conditions in-chip, hence allowing supply events to be detected and system performance to be optimised.


How hot is your chip in-field? Too cold? Let’s optimize. Too hot? Let’s increase reliability & lifetime.

Moortec’s Temperature Sensors allow for device performance optimisation and device characterisation.

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