In-chip monitors are not anything new and have been used in the industry for a long time, however not generally in what we call mission critical roles. Once you start looking at optimisation and potentially putting them into dynamic control systems, which is where we are now seeing customers use our latest generation of die monitors, then reliability and testability are absolutely critical.

Having features within the Process, Voltage & Temperature (PVT) monitors to ensure they can be tested easily in production is a minimum entry requirement, but in addition to that, being able to know the data from these monitors can be trusted is fundamental. As such, Moortec believe having in-field, fault detection and reporting built into the monitors is key.

Moortec PVT Monitoring

Let us consider the situation where a chip within a smartphone or tablet contains a temperature monitor which fails and this failure effectively tells the system that the temperature is 0°C when it is actually 50°C, and because of this the system decides it can run with higher clock rates pushing the die temperature up even further. The result could be very serious indeed and because of this robust operation of PVT monitors is becoming a primary concern.

Moortec’s latest generation of monitors feature exactly this level of robust operation and fault detection, complete with all the usual production testability which should be expected from such devices.

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