At Moortec we address the challenges that come about through the scaling of devices towards 28nm, FinFET and below. With gate density increasing we are seeing issues associated with overheating, increased voltage supplies and problems with noise on supplies.

We are also seeing a greater process variability across a die of a chip. Our PVT monitors are able to tell the designer what those conditions are, what the dynamic conditions are, both thermal and voltage and what the process type of the chip is.

By using this information from our monitors our customers are then able to optimise and run Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) schemes within their chips and also increase the lifetime and reliability of their device. We are now seeing a wave of requirement coming through from developers on 28nm and FinFET which confirms the fact that PVT monitoring is now becoming a very necessary component of modern devices.

Moortec provides compelling embedded Process, Voltage & Temperature (PVT) monitoring IP for use in-chip, targeting advanced node CMOS technologies such as 28nm, FinFET and below. We provide excellent support for IP integration and for device test during production. We also offer soft IP in the form of PVT Controllers and wrapper interfaces if required.

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