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Moortec was founded to accelerate our customer’s ability to dream big and innovate compelling technological solutions within a range of competitive marketplaces. At an early stage we had a vision to succeed by simply keeping our customers ahead of the pack through the delivery of relevant, well-considered and robust embedded monitoring technologies. Over the last decade it has become clear to us that within the semiconductor industry there is a huge opportunity for solutions to deliver deep insights and understanding the way chips are made and also the dynamic conditions within. For us the motto of, ‘See, Control, Optimize’ for the lifetime of chips and products has never been more relevant. Over the years we have nurtured and proudly supported a global customer base and are now setting the standard of in-chip sensor, in-field analytics and product-level optimization solutions.

Thanks to our team’s imagination, world class engineering expertize and determination, Moortec has become the go to leader for in-chip monitoring technology. We have brought about a new way of thinking toward maximizing device performance, power utilization and reliability across many platforms, including Data Center, AI, HPC, Automotive and Consumer. We understand that you don’t succeed by chance but instead by refusing to be complacent. We’re on a mission to continually innovate high performance, highly featured and well supported products that are relevant to many fast-moving technology industries. We have created a solid foundation upon which we are building great solutions for the future that will significantly benefit our customers, society at large and the earth’s global environment.

We warmly welcome you to join us on our incredible journey…

Stephen Crosher 

CEO and Founder, Moortec Semiconductor