Embedded PVT monitoring IP solutions

Embedded Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) monitoring intellectual property (IP) for advanced node System on Chip (SoC) designs for performance optimisation and statistical analysis for enhanced design enablement.

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Process Detection

The process variability of advanced CMOS technologies has become a significant factor to the speed and power performance of SoC devices.

Moortec’s Process Detector (PD) will allow an IC to self-determine its manufactured process characteristics, providing information for system optimisation on a PER DIE basis.

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Voltage Monitoring

Voltage supplies on advanced node CMOS devices are subject to electrical noise, supply perturbations, transient events and glitches.

Moortec’s range of voltage monitoring IP enables chip developers to measure conditions on-chip, hence allowing supply events to be detected and system performance to be optimised.

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Temperature Sensing

The on-chip thermal monitoring and management of advanced node designs is a critical consideration for SoC developers.

Moortec’s range of high accuracy Temperature Sensor IP allows for device performance optimisation and device characterisation.

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